Remote Support or Onsite in certain areas of Los Angeles

Software and Web Development

Web Design

$499 for a three-page complete website, including design, photos, hosting setup, phone consultation and more. Click here for details and some samples.

Web Development


  • PHP development (more than 14 years of overall experience)
  • MySQL (including setup/maintain server)
  • .NET C# and VB script development
  • MS SQL Server (including setup/maintain server)
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript / jQuery
  • WordPress
  • Working with APIs for website integrations including use of XML, JSON, CSV, CGI query string, etc
  • Working with website wireframes and prototypes
  • More than 19 years' overall experience at web development and programming

Web Content


  • Photoshop CC – post production of web photos to optimize quality, resolution and file size
  • Web page production, including text, photography, illustrations, and layout
  • Banner advertisements, including copy text, slogans, photography, illustrations, and layout
  • Social media – content for Facebook, Twitter

Web Environment

  • Web Server setup including setting up hardware and O/S, firewall, DNS, SSL certs and CDN
  • Installing server software such as PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, WordPress and more